• How to claim your unclaimed monies

    Requirements for making a claim

    The following directions relate to claiming monies held by Department of Treasury (Treasury).

    Before proceeding please use our On-line Search facility to confirm which company holds your monies and to where you should direct your claim.

    Claimants are asked to bear in mind that Treasury has a duty to ensure that money is only paid to the lawful owner or their authorised representative.

    For verification purposes, claimants must provide Treasury with:

    1. A Statutory Declaration
      The original Declaration must be signed by the claimant(s) in the presence of a Witness and, together with a copy of some form of claimant identification and supporting papers, forwarded to this office for assessment.
    2. A copy of some form of personal ID (e.g. Driver’s Licence, Passport, Health Care Card)
    3. A copy of any document that confirms your entitlement to the money being claimed.
      Please refer to our On-line Search for details of the payee’s address and Payer/Source of the money claimed. You must provide copies of documents that can be matched to the Treasury records e.g. documents that relate to the address or Payer/Source in our Register.

    Any representative, or agent, must also provide written confirmation of their appointment. (e.g. Power of Attorney, Probate, Agent Agreement. This authority is in addition to the first three points).

    Note: The information listed in our Register is all that is known to Treasury and it is the responsibility of any claimant to provide Treasury with confirmation of their entitlement to any money claimed.

    Claim forms and instructions

    Please use one of the following downloads to print a Statutory Declaration and claim instructions.

    Before proceeding please use our On-line Search facility to confirm which company holds your monies and to where you should direct your claim. 

    Left click on the links below to open the files or use the right click and 'Save Target As' (with your choice of name)' to save the files to your computer. 

     Due to office security requirements our Unclaimed Money officer is unable to meet personally with the public.

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