• Reducing the Burden

    On 30 January 2009, the Treasurer Troy Buswell announced the establishment of the Red Tape Reduction Group (RTRG) as one of a number of initiatives aimed at reducing the regulatory burden in Western Australia.

    The RTRG was tasked to identify, report and recommend measures that would reduce the compliance burden on the community of excessive and sometimes redundant regulation. 

    The RTRG was chaired by the Hon Ken Baston MLC, Member for Mining and Pastoral Region, and Liza Harvey MLA, Member for Scarborough. Both Chairs have considerable business experience and understand the frustrations and costs that excessive red tape can cause.

    The RTRG was supported by the RTRG Secretariat, which was been established within the Department of Treasury and Finance.

    Terms of Reference and Consultation Process

    The Red Tape Reduction Group (RTRG) was established to identify and report on opportunities to reduce the burden of existing State regulation and red tape on business and consumers. Its terms of reference were:

    The RTRG will:

    • identify specific areas of existing regulations and red tape which are unnecessarily burdensome, complex or redundant;
    • identify regulations and red tape that should be removed or significantly reduced as a matter of priority; and
    • recommend practical measures to alleviate the compliance costs of red tape on business, government and the community.

    In undertaking its functions, the RTRG consulted widely around the State with business (including small and medium sized businesses), industry groups and local governments.

    The consultation process developed by the RTRG had two elements:

    • face to face consultations; and
    • a written submission process.

    Starting in February 2009, the RTRG organised and conducted 62 face to face consultations with a wide variety of stakeholders in 12 regional centres and 6 metropolitan regions. In addition, 64 written submissions were also received.

    Final Report

    The RTRG delivered  Reducing the Burden – Report of the Red Tape Reduction Group to the Treasurer in December 2009. The Government publicly released the report on 24 February 2010.

    The report contains 107 recommendations that provide an ambitious blueprint to significantly reduce the burden of excessive regulation and red tape on Western Australian businesses and consumers. Key recommendations include:

    • reforms which aim to reduce the regulatory burden by improving the culture, performance and accountability of government agencies;
    • reforms which aim to maintain an impetus and mechanisms for on-going red tape reduction by government; and
    • reforms designed to address specific areas of concern raised during the consultation process. The report contains 16 specific reform chapters across a broad spectrum of government activity.

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