• Consultation on GTE Reform

    The GTE Reform Program is a critical activity in the Western Australian Government’s Public Sector Reform Program. Strong engagement with relevant stakeholders (especially the included GTEs) is essential to the Program’s success and delivery of a sustainable and appropriate governance framework.

    The Program’s commitment to stakeholder consultation has been reflected in the GTE Reform team’s composition, which includes staff on rotating placements from the in-scope GTEs. This provides a valuable opportunity to raise awareness and understanding of the benefits of the GTE Reform Program with current GTE employees, and supports proactive identification of implementation challenges in program design. 

    How can I provide feedback?

    We welcome ongoing feedback and best practice recommendations from all stakeholders to help inform the development of the framework.

    The GTE Reform team is meeting with in-scope GTEs, policy agencies, central agencies, industry regulators and other general Government stakeholders through meetings and a series of operational forums. Organisations invited to attend the operational forums are also able to provide written submissions.

    The confirmed dates, timing and subject areas of the operational forums are outlined below, as well as due dates for any written submissions.  

    Topic      Date       Time Submissions due
    Governance and Strategic Planning 18 September 2018 9:00am – 1:00pm 26 September 2018
    Significant and Material Transactions 27 September 2018 9:30am  – 1:00pm 9 October 2018
    Financial Management and Investments 2 October 2018 9:30am  – 1:00pm 9 October 2018
    Whole of Government Policy 9 October 2018 9:30am  – 1:00pm 16 October 2018
    Information Sharing 16 October 2018 9:30am  – 1:00pm 23 October 2018

    Public submissions are not part of the stakeholder consultation process however all feedback is welcome and can be provided via email at [email protected]

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