• Financial Management Awareness Training

    Every government agency is involved with day to day processes and decisions that involve the use of public funds, ranging from the procurement of stationery and office equipment to the recruitment of staff. Sound financial management of public finances is a crucial function for any government that aims to achieve the best possible outcomes for the community whilst ensuring that Western Australia stays on a sustainable financial footing into the future.

    The driver for the Financial Management Awareness Training is the Special Inquiry into Government Programs and Projects which found that the public sector’s understanding of, and compliance with the Financial Management Act 2006 (FMA) and its associated regulations are generally poor, with an over reliance on technical officers. The Special Inquiry recommended that ‘Treasury needs to develop a training program to enhance understanding of the provisions of the FMA and its associated regulations.’

    This training has been developed specifically for the ‘non-financial’ officer in the general government sector. It seeks to increase the sector’s awareness of the financial management framework, and in so doing, improve practice and behaviour. The three modules cover how government budgets, manages and accounts for the collection and spending of taxpayer dollars. Case studies reflect realistic agency scenarios and reinforce key financial management principles highlighted in the modules.

    This training is being delivered via face-to-face presentations with the modules and case studies available on the Treasury website as an additional resource. Please note that these will be updated as legislation and policies change.

    The Financial Management Awareness Training is a PowerPoint presentation which contains three modules. 

    There are also case studies related to each module which contain realistic agency scenarios: 

    1. Case Study Module 1
    2. Case Study Module 2
    3. Case Study Module 3


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Treasury plays a central role in managing Western Australia’s public sector finances and in providing expert analysis and advice on the strategies and frameworks necessary for maintaining the State’s economic and financial position.

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