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    Forms of Consultation

    Consultation with industry, Government and consumer stakeholders will be critical in ensuring the successful delivery of the Energy Transformation Strategy.

    The Energy Transformation Taskforce will undertake public consultation processes and hold stakeholder workshops and presentations.

    The Taskforce has also established two formal consultation groups.

    Program Implementation Coordination Group

    The  Energy Transformation Strategy has a strong focus on implementing changes to existing network and Wholesale Electricity Market arrangements in the South West Interconnected System. It will therefore be critical for the Taskforce to work collaboratively with Western Power and the Australian Energy Market Operator

    A Program Implementation Coordination Group has been established to facilitate the collaborative, coordinated and timely implementation of the Energy Transformation Strategy. The group will focus on work program coordination at a strategic level.

    Membership of the Program Implementation Coordination Group includes: 

    • the Chair of the Energy Transformation Taskforce; 
    • the Program Director of the Energy Transformation Implementation Unit;
    • a senior representative of the Australian Energy Market Operator; and
    • a senior representative of Western Power. 

    Strategic Consultative Group

    The Strategic Consultative Group was established by the Public Utilities Office of the Department of Treasury in August 2018 to inform its Wholesale Electricity Market reform work program. 

    The Energy Transformation Taskforce will maintain this group in operation, with the Chair role being transferred from the Public Utilities Office to the Taskforce. The purpose of the group will be to provide feedback and guidance to the Taskforce at a strategic and whole of program level. 

    The group includes broad, senior level representation across the electricity sector. Industry representatives on the group include: 

    • Alinta;
    • the Australian Energy Council;
    • the Australian Energy Market Operator;
    • the Clean Energy Council of WA; 
    • Horizon Power;
    • Simcoa;
    • Summit Southern Corss Power;
    • Synergy;
    • the WA Independent Power Association; and
    • Western Power.

    Open Consultation Processes

    Whole of System Plan

    On 12 July 2019, the Energy Transformation Implementation Unit is convening an Industry Forum to outline and seek feedback on the proposed modelling scenarios. Further information is available here.  

    Previous Consultation Processes

    Constrained Network Access 

    The Public Utilities Office published consultation papers on Constrained Network Access during the period February to March 2018 and August to October 2018.

    Stakeholder Information Session

    On 28 May 2019, the Hon Bill Johnston MLA, Minister for Energy and Mr Stephen Edwell, Chair of the Energy Transformation Taskforce held a stakeholder information session on the Energy Transformation Strategy, the role of the Energy Transformation Taskforce, and the proposed engagement of stakeholders in the delivery of the Strategy. 

    Contact for further information

    All enquiries on consultation processes on the delivery of the Energy Transformation Strategy can be directed to (08) 6551 2397 or [email protected].

    Last reviewed: June 2019


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