• Treasury’s new 2018-21 Strategic Plan

    Underpinned by the Department’s core vision, mission and values, Treasury’s strategic plan is reviewed every three years and articulates the strategic direction of the business. 

    On a yearly basis, the goals outlined in the strategic plan are used to inform and develop annual business unit operational plans. These operational plans form the basis on which team work plans and individual Development and Performance agreements (DaPs) are developed.

    A key consideration for Treasury going forward is to ensure we continue to achieve our strategic priorities within current and future resourcing constraints. The 2018 strategic planning process provided executive the opportunity to review the Department’s strategic direction, re-evaluate work programs and work areas to ensure we are maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of our outputs.

      2018-21 Strategic Plan

    2018-21 Strategic Planning

    As part of this year’s strategic planning process, Treasury’s vision, mission, values and strategic goals were reviewed and refocused and consideration given to whether the current strategic plan reflected the Department and its strategy and focus for the next three years.

    The development of the 2018-2021 plan was informed by feedback from the Treasurer, feedback from across the Department via staff surveys (including pulse check and proactivity surveys), the Government’s public sector reform agenda, and a comparison to the strategic plans of other Treasuries. 
    The new 2018-2021 plan: 
    • has more of an outward-looking focus, particularly with respect to our new strategic goals; 
    • better articulates who we are, what we do, and what our goals and objectives are, in order to more clearly define and differentiate Treasury’s unique role in the Public Sector; and
    • seeks to link in with the key findings and recommendations of recent reviews, particularly the Service Priority Review. 

    Treasury’s new 2018-21 Strategic Plan will be incorporated into business units’ annual operational plans as well as reflected within individuals DaPs to reinforce our strategic focus. 

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