• Unclaimed Monies

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    Searching for unclaimed money

    There are several Commonwealth and State Government offices involved in the administration of the various types of unclaimed money.

    The role of most Unclaimed Money offices is to maintain a register of monies lodged with them by Australian businesses, organisations and government agencies.

    The public may view most of this information via the Internet and lodge claims where applicable.

    Matters administered by Department of Treasury

    The information listed in our On-line Register is all that is known to the Department of Treasury (Treasury) and it is the responsibility of any claimant to provide Treasury with confirmation of their entitlement to any money claimed.

    Not all monies listed in this Register are held by Treasury. The following On-line Search will provide details on who holds the monies in question.

    Matters administered by other government agencies

    Treasury has no involvement with the matters listed below.

    • Inoperative Bank Accounts
    • Matured Life Insurance
    • Share Acquisitions
    • Superannuation
    • Companies without Western Australian offices
    Information regarding the above matters can be found on the Commonwealth government's website:

    * Note : Prior to 1990 companies placed their own public notices in the WA Government Gazette. Your local library may have information on the availability of these Gazettes.