• Unclaimed Money Overview

    The following information is provided to assist you with searching for unclaimed money administered by Australian government agencies.

    When searching for unclaimed monies we ask that you note the following key points about the role of Department of Treasury (Treasury).

    • Only Western Australian based organisations are required to lodge their unclaimed monies with Treasury. Treasury holds those monies on behalf of the payee or lawful owner.
    • The information received by Treasury includes the name and address of the payee, the amount and date of the payment and a reference as to what the payment relates to. This information as provided to Treasury is published in our Register of Unclaimed Money.
    • Treasury is not involved in the administration of people's financial affairs other than maintaining our Register. If your name does not appear in this Register, please refer to the following links to obtain additional information about unclaimed money:
    • Treasury is not involved with the administration of Bank Accounts, Life Insurance, Company Shares, Superannuation or companies not operating in Western Australia.