• Strategic Asset Management Framework: Overview

    This document summarises the purpose and scope of SAMF in the context of agencies’ annual corporate and strategic asset planning cycle and the State Budget. Supplementary guidance addressing issues specific to Government Trading Enterprises (GTEs) has also been prepared.

    The key themes are that:

    • Government policy objectives and practical service delivery to the Western Australian community are the primary drivers of asset investment planning and management;
    • SAMF application by agencies starts with corporate planning – which provides the overall context for the strategic appraisal of the assets that are required in order to deliver services over the next decade;
    • An asset investment proposal is considered with reference to three critical decision-points: whether an investment proposal has strategic justification; whether a business case provides the basis for a sound investment decision; and whether the proposal has sufficient priority to receive funding approval; and
    • An agency’s Chief Executive Officer and other senior investment decision-makers (such as the Chief Finance Officer and Chief Information Officer) lead and are actively involved in the annual refresh of an agency’s strategic asset plan and the development of asset investment advice and proposals to the Minister and ultimately Cabinet.