• Program Evaluation

    The Western Australian Government is committed to delivering programs which provide value for money for the people of Western Australia. Evaluation is a key tool for facilitating efficient and effective delivery of government services through evidence based policy and decision making across the public sector.

    A culture of evaluation and continuous improvement will assist agencies to improve programs and provide more rigorous evidence of program results.  In an environment of constrained public finances, it is essential that public funds are spent on activities that provide the greatest economic and social return.

    One of the reforms to drive this commitment is the establishment of the Program Evaluation Unit (PEU) within the Department of Treasury. The PEU aims to assist in the provision of consistent and transparent evaluation of government funded programs and the development of a culture of evaluation as part of core business activity across the Western Australian public sector.

    Another key reform has been the introduction of Sunset Clauses for all new programs (or the extension of existing programs) that impact the State’s net operating balance by $5 million or more in any one year.

    The Program Evaluation website has been established to provide a range of tools and resources to build evaluation capacity.  The Evaluation Network promotes the sharing of evaluation ideas. To join the network, email [email protected]

    This Evaluation Guide has been designed to provide consistency across evaluations, improve cost effectiveness of programs, promote accountability, and to provide a platform for continuous learning.