• Financial Legislation

    Financial Administration Bookcase

    The Financial  Administration Bookcase (FAB) last updated on 30 June 2017 is a compendium of financial management legislation and related/associated instructions administered by Department of Treasury. It comprises of:

    • Financial Legislation
      • Financial Management Act 2006
      • Financial Management Regulations 2007
      • Government Financial Responsibility Act 2000
      • Government Financial Regulations 2006
      • State Trading Concerns Act 1916
    • Treasurer's Instructions
    • Special Treasurer's Instructions
    • Financial Management (Net Appropriations) Determination 2015
    • Model Annual Reports*
    • Accounting Policy Guidelines
      • Accounting for Contaminated Sites
      • AASB 138 'Intangible Assets'
      • Provisions - Discount Rates and Other Factors
      • Related Party Disclosures 
    • Opportunity Cost of Capital

    * Note: The Model Annual Reports are available both in word and pdf format. Click the Model Annual Report link to access these documents.

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