• Economic and Revenue Data

    As the Government’s pre-eminent economic adviser, a key role for Department of Treasury  is to provide the government with timely, accurate and sound information and advice on economic and revenue matters. 

    One part of our role is keeping track of the latest economic and revenue data and providing briefs to our key stakeholders.

    Twice a year, in the State Budget and Mid-year Review, we release forecasts for the State’s economy.  Both the Economic Notes and forecasts can be accessed below. 

    Economic Indicators

    The Department of Treasury's Economic Notes summarise and analyse current data for the Western Australian economy.


    The Department of Treasury publishes forecasts for major economic aggregates as a part of the State Budget Papers and the Mid-Year Financial Projections Statement.

    First Home Owner Grant Data

    The Office of State Revenue collects data on the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) as part of the administration of this scheme. Reflecting the high level of interest in these statistics, FHOG data will now be published on the 15th of each month (or the next business day). Due to confidentiality issues and resource constraints, Department of Treasury cannot respond to requests for more detailed information.