• Our Approach

    Projects are assigned to Strategic Projects and Asset Sales

    • major non-residential buildings, on the basis of cost, uniqueness, complexity and risk profile, as directed by the Economic and Expenditure Reform Committee; and
    • asset sales as determined by Cabinet.

    Strategic Projects and Asset Sales focuses on robust project planning and on-target project execution for its assigned capital works projects and asset sales.

    In relation to non-residential buildings, Project Planning includes working with Agencies undertaking strategic asset planning and developing Business Cases for project proposals.

    • in collaboration with the Agency, develops the plan to evaluate the project proposal and produce the Business Case
    •  provides guidance to the Agency as it addresses the performance, social impact and recurrent cost components of the Business Case
    • in collaboration with Building Management and Works, develops the financial and economic components of the Business Case
    • prepares the final business justification to summarise the findings of the evaluation (for assessment by Government) and co-signs the business case with the Agency.

    Strategic Projects' priorities are:

    • Quality and Scope - achieving fitness-for-purpose in accordance with user requirements
    • Economy - minimising initial and whole-of-life costs
    • Timeliness - meeting schedule commitments and commencing operation at the right time
    • Sustainability - making decisions for the future, considering the environment, the community, Government and industry
    • Reliability - saying what we will do and doing what we've said.
    • Respect - displaying professionalism; earning the respect of the community, stakeholders, contractors and Government.

    Strategic Projects and Asset Sales works in accordance with the Western Australian Strategic Asset Management Framework.

    In relation to the Asset Sales Program, Strategic Projects and Asset Sales undertakes similar project management principles to that used for non-residential building, however, with a focus on asset divestment to provide value for money outcomes for the State.