• Licensing and exemptions

    The Economic Regulation Authority, is responsible for issuing the following licences in Western Australia: electricity generation, transmission, distribution, retail and integrated regional licences, and also gas trading and distribution licences. Electricity licences are issued in accordance with the Electricity Industry Act 2004 and gas licences in accordance with the Energy Coordination Act 1994.

    Licence exemptions

    The Governor of Western Australia may exempt any person or class of persons from requiring an electricity licence under the Electricity Industry Act 2004 or a gas licence under the Energy Coordination Act 1994. The Public Utilities Office administers the exemptions process and considers licence exemptions on its own initiative and on request.

    Typically, an exemption may apply where generation, transmission or distribution systems occur in isolation, particularly those that occur exclusively on or over an energy operator’s land.

    Exemption process

    Any person or organisation may make a submission to the Public Utilities Office for a licence exemption. Licence exemptions under consideration will be made available for public comment on the Department of Treasury website, unless otherwise agreed. Public comments received will also be published. The Public Utilities Office will consider public comments it receives and make a recommendation to the Minister for Energy on whether or not an exemption should be granted.

    The Governor may grant an exemption on advice from the Minister for Energy.

    Licence exemption orders

    Licence exemption orders are published in the Government Gazette website [external].

    Other licences

    • Department of Mines and Petroleum [external] - responsible for licencing major gas transmission pipelines in Western Australia
    • EnergySafety [external] - responsible for the licensing of electrical and gas workers and contractors

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