• Wholesale Electricity Market reform work program

    The Minister for Energy has requested the Public Utilities Office to undertake a comprehensive work program to improve the operation of the Wholesale Electricity Market to:

    • Enable efficient dispatch of energy and ancillary services, to deliver least cost electricity to customers.
    • Ensure system security and reliability arrangements are able to accommodate an increasing penetration of renewable energy generators and changes to the profile of electricity consumption.
    • Facilitate a more responsive capacity pricing regime, delivering clear signals for the efficient entry and exit of capacity to the market.
      • The Public Utilities Office has published a Draft Recommendations Report outlining its proposed recommendations on potential reforms to achieve a more responsive pricing of capacity resources.     
    • Ensure an effective market power mitigation regime, limiting the potential for distortion of market outcomes to the detriment of electricity consumers.

    While the Public Utilities Office will manage the work program, the Australian Energy Market Operator will be an integral participant and will lead certain technical and operational aspects of the reforms.

    The Public Utilities Office has prepared an overview of the work program that includes the objectives and process for each initiative, timeline of deliverables and opportunities for stakeholder input and involvement.

    Wholesale Electricity Market reform coordination committee

    The work program is being overseen by a Wholesale Electricity Market reform coordination committee, established by the Public Utilities Office and comprised of the Executive Director - Public Utilities Office, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director - Australian Energy Market Operator, the Rule Change Panel Executive Officer and an Office of the Minister for Energy representative.

    Further information on the Committee Terms of Reference and stakeholder engagement arrangements is available here.


    Industry consultation on the reform program will occur through the:

    • Wholesale Electricity Market reform coordination committee;
    • Market Advisory Committee (administered by the Rule Change Panel) and associated working groups (to be established);
    • Australian Energy Market Operator Electricity Consultative Forum;
    • public release of design proposals and draft Market Rule amendments for written submissions; and
    • stakeholder meetings, forums and workshops as required.

    Industry Forum 

    An industry forum was held on 20 September 2018. 

    Contact for further information

    All enquiries on the Wholesale Electricity Market reform work program should be directed to Mr Aden Barker, Program Director, Wholesale Energy Markets, Public Utilities Office on (08) 6551 4692 or [email protected].

    Last reviewed: 26 September 2018

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