• Gas information services

    The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) operates the Gas Bulletin Board (GBB) and Gas Statement of Opportunities (GSOO) in Western Australia. The purpose of the GBB and GSOO is to improve the flow of information across the gas supply–demand chain for existing and potential market participants. 

    • GBB [external] – a website with near-term system and market information on gas production, transmission, storage capacity and demand. It also provides an Emergency Management Facility to give government and industry additional assistance in managing gas supply disruptions.
    • GSOO [external] – a comprehensive document produced by AEMO each year. It contains a medium to long-term outlook of gas supply and demand in Western Australia, and highlights potential future commodity shortfalls or transportation constraints. 


    Objectives of the GBB and GSOO are to: 

    • improve the security, reliability and availability of natural gas supplies in WA
    • promote the efficient operation and use of natural gas services
    • provide information to allow efficient investment in natural gas services
    • encourage competition in the natural gas services supply chain. 


    After two major gas disruptions in 2008, Western Australia’s Gas Supply and Emergency Management Committee reviewed the security of gas supplies and how future disruptions might be managed or mitigated. The Minister for Energy at that time agreed with the Committee’s recommendations to establish the GBB and GSOO.


    The GBB and GSOO were established under the Gas Services Information Act 2012 [external].  Subsidiary legislation facilitating the design and operation of Western Australia’s gas information services include the Gas Services Information Regulations 2012 [external] and Gas Services Information Rules [external].


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