• Emergency management

    The Department of Treasury – Public Utilities Office prepares and maintains emergency management arrangements for significant gas, liquid fuels and electricity supply disruptions in Western Australia.

    After two separate gas supply disruptions in 2008, the Western Australia Government took steps to improve Western Australia’s energy security. This included amending the Emergency Management Regulations 2006 to appoint the Coordinator of Energy (as defined in Section 4 of the Energy Coordination Act 1994) as Western Australia’s hazard management agency for significant supply disruptions. 

    Purpose of a hazard management agency

    A hazard management agency is the public authority or person responsible for a particular aspect (or aspects) of each defined hazard. In a supply disruption event, the  Coordinator of Energy’s role is to ensure a continuous supply of electricity, fuel or gas to essential users and distribution networks.

    Under the Coordinator of Energy’s direction, the Public Utilities Office develops and maintains the State Hazard Plan and operational procedures for managing supply disruptions, and carries out regular exercises.

    WA’s energy emergency management plan

    The State Emergency Management Committee has endorsed the State Hazard Plan for Energy Supply Disruption. This plan, as well as all other State Hazard Plans can be accessed via the following link: 

    National liquid fuel and gas emergency management arrangements

    National liquid fuel emergencies

    The National Oil Supplies Emergency Committee (NOSEC), comprised of Commonwealth, State and oil industry representatives provides advice to the COAG Energy Council on fuel supply and the management of a national liquid fuel emergency

    NOSEC manages the National Liquid Fuel Emergency Response Plan (NLFERP) for a widespread nationally (or internationally) led significant fuel shortage. 

    This ensures that during a shortage, the available fuel supply is allocated in the most fair and efficient way to minimise impacts on fuel users and customers. Western Australia, as a jurisdictional representative on the Committee, has endorsed this Plan, along with other States and Territories.

    National gas emergencies

    The National Gas Emergency Response Advisory Committee [external] produced the National Gas Emergency Response Protocol in 2005. This Protocol covers gas supply shortages in two or more jurisdictions with interconnected gas supply networks.

    The Public Utilities Office provides a jurisdictional member to this Committee. 

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