• Rail Access Review

    The Government is reviewing the Western Australian rail access regime as established by the Railways (Access) Act 1998 and the Railways (Access) Code 2000. The purpose of this review is to identify improvements to the regime in order to better achieve its objective. The objective of the regime is to encourage the efficient use of, and investment in, railway facilities by facilitating a contestable market for rail operations.

    In July 2017, an Issues Paper was released to assist discussion regarding potential improvements to the Western Australian rail access regime, and to facilitate stakeholders wishing to participate in the review process.;

    Submissions in response the Issues Paper closed on 17 November 2017. The Department received submissions from the following stakeholders:

    In December 2018, a Draft Decision Paper was released. This contains a number of recommendations that seek to strengthen the operation of the Regime in line with its objectives. 

    The Department of Treasury is seeking feedback on how the recommendations put forward can be improved, or advice on any unintended consequences that have not been covered. 

    The Department of Treasury intends to publish submissions received. Submissions that are made in confidence must be clearly marked IN CONFIDENCE (within the document).

    Stakeholders should provide comments in Microsoft Word file or PDF files. The closing date for feedback is 25 February 2019.  

    Feedback can be provided
    by email: [email protected]
    by post:  Clara Cuevas
    Manager, Regulatory Reform
    Department of Treasury
    Locked Bag 11, Cloisters Square Perth  Western Australia  6850 

    The Regulatory Reform team is currently analysing these responses and will be releasing a draft decision paper for further comment. The Regulatory Reform team is also in the process of developing regulations for the Economic Regulation Authority to recover costs associated with its administration of the Rail Access Regime. You can find out more about the cost recovery regulations here.

    For any enquiries about this review, please contact Clara Cuevas, Manager of the Regulatory Reform Team, via [email protected].

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